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Voice coaching, public speaking, English accent and media training.
Learn the voice of leadership and deliver inspirational speeches.

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Great politicians, professionals and businessmen all share one quality.  They have the ability to mesmerize and captivate their audience.  Their voices have star quality and inspire others to follow their lead.

What we do

At Voice Factory we provide future and current leaders from all walks of life with the voice for success!  It is your voice, but one that is clear, projected and perfectly tuned to the requirements of business and public speaking.

This transformation combines two key elements: Voice and Leadership. Speakers who understand how to use their body in connection with their voice give themselves a distinct advantage: they stand out from the crowd, have authority and sound like leaders.

Hence our pledge:  We guarantee that the techniques you learn will transform your sales pitches, your presentations, your speeches and your ability to lead.

“In one session I learned powerful techniques for using my voice easily both in singing and in speech.  Stella understands the connection between voice and  the emotional core of the body from where it must be supported.  I will be back for more.”

Kristin Scott Thomas