Voice Factory offers a high-quality tuition for individuals and companies wishing to improve their ability to speak in public.  We also hold classes for  British accent training using an effective and long lasting method which can revolutionise companies wishing to expand internationally. The ability to speak clearly and effectively saves time and costs.

The lessons are held both as one to one or in the form of small workshops  enabling a highly pragmatic and personal approach to learning. We work with the sound of your voice, giving you the full range of techniques, breathing, support, projection and clarity.

Discovering your own sound means bringing your voice in touch with your emotions, thus shaping the basis for a solid vocal technique. What sounds like a contemporary idea is actually based on 17th Century Bel Canto singing, which, enlivened by a modern approach opens this technique to anybody interested in developing their vocal skills.

Stella ArmanStella Arman, MA: Your Voice Coach 
Stella has worked for over 30 years as a voice coach throughout Europe and across all industries. She has trained simultaneous translators for European Parliament, professional singers and actors. She now works with major investment banks, energy companies, international business schools and universities.
Along side her professional singing career she has researched the historical, medical and physical advantages of reflex-breathing and has developed a simple and effective method of using this in all types of voice coaching whether public speaking, pronunciation, singing or acting.
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