• Develop a clear British accent
  • Improve the clarity and pronunciation of words

British Accent with Public Speaking Skills
2 day workshop


This course is designed to give new workers to Great Britain the confidence and language skills to work efficiently within their new English speaking environment.

We teach Received Pronunciation (RP) – sometimes called Oxford English.

Course Design

British Accent 2 Day Workshop

Within this 2 day course you will receive the confidence and language skills to work efficiently within your new English speaking environment.
The course is divided into two parts. The first concentrates on the vocal techniques needed for clear pronunciation, projection, clarity and confidence. The second part takes the speaker through the practical skills using short speech improvisation, prepared presentation, telephoning with potential clients and retaining audience’s full attention. The training uses scientifically proven techniques to enable you to learn quickly with long-lasting results through providing the following:

Day 1

  • Vocal techniques for pronunciation
  • Creating space for accommodating the English vowels
  • Articulation of  single and compound consonants
  • Breathing, posture and support
  • Projection & clarity with animated speech

Day 2

The art of improvisation

  • Clarity in telephone conversations
  • Presentation practice
  • Interview techniques

You will be required to bring a prepared speech which will be rehearsed and performed with professional and audience feedback.