• Speak with Authority
  • Discover Your Voice
  • Be Memorable

Public Speaking and Voice Training
1 day workshop


You can become a compelling and confident public speaker through focusing on the key elements of voice production as well as strong body language.  Whether your audience is 5 or 500  this course  takes you  through the following steps to ensure that your presentations and speeches will give maximum impact. During the day, using a mixture of vocal exercises, business literature and performance material, we highlight the most important techniques in presentation and public speaking.

▪  Your Voice as an Instrument

▪  Projection & Articulation

▪  Correct Posture, Breathing and Core Support Techniques

▪  Uniting Voice & Emotion to create Impact

▪  Breaking through inhibition & using nervous tension to aid vocal quality

Not only will you have the opportunity of performing your own prepared speeches implementing the above techniques, but also learn the art of improvisation; how to avoid deliberation and using silence as an expressive tool.