• Develop a strong public image
  • Be one step ahead in interviews
  • Be prepared for tough questions
  • Avoid deliberation

Media Coaching

Communication policies need to adapt to the times we live in.  Organisations that develop a sound media policy and train their key spokespeople can survive any media storm. Those who neglect it can pay a very heavy price.

A reporter phones at the last minute shortly before filing their story. A campaign springs into action over the internet. A natural catastrophe or a sudden political upheaval requires an immediate response.  In the afternoon a researcher from Newsnight or Today asks you to appear that evening or the following morning. Are you prepared?

Our media values.

Before we conduct an interview we do what experienced journalists in news and current affairs do when they single you out for investigation.

In the case of business organisations, we trail the web and trade press for information in the public domain.  We look at everything that affects your corporate image – not just substantiated fact but also rumour and speculation.

This can be any number of things: the management of your supply chain, your environmental impact, employee relationships, reaction to your products or services, and executive compensation. Last but not least we consider the bigger picture. What are the politics and trends in your industry?

With government organisations and other institutions, the same due diligence takes place. We ask the questions other journalists would ask. Who is affected by any particular decision or policy? What are the running controversies? Are there any flashpoints on the horizon? What seems to be working?  What is not?  And what might upset the status quo?

Working with you.

Our  “risk-profile” underpins all our future work with you. We run through our findings and indicate the slant of questions that are likely to come your way. Together we shape answers that are credible and professional.

We prepare you for all of this in as realistic a setting as possible. While, as journalists, we model ourselves on programmes like Newsnight, Panorama and Today, we believe it vital that you can handle any style of interviewing – including the most intrusive.  Apart from content, we also run through the mechanics of interviewing – such as best microphone practice.

The next stage is not advice but rehearsal.  We subject you to all the different styles of  interviewing,  so that you get practice at maintaining a level of authoritity and authenticity regardless of the style of questioning adopted by the interviewer.