• Your Business Voice!
  • Lift the Confidence of Everyone
  • Master negotiating and pitching


For companies and multi-nationals, we shape our core material so that it is relevant to your business, industry and market. We also establish the type of business speaking you most need, whether on sales and pitching for contracts, face-to-face negotiations or giving presentations and speeches.

Whatever your preferences, there  are certain common elements vital to every training session. These include the following:

  • vocal techniques for dynamic speaking
  • creating a warm authoritative delivery
  • establishing intensive contact with your audience
  • context and framing of your message
  • exercising influence with the voice of leadership through vocal pitch, projection and pacing without deliberation
  • using silence as an expressive tool

Finally to maximise the effectiveness of your training, please tell us in advance the level of seniority of those in attendance. Our core training from which we then build bespoke packages is scripted around three levels: Platinum Level for those in the C-Suite;  Gold for those in Middle Management and Silver Level for Recent Hires