• Develop a memorable public image
  • Communicate your views easily
  • Win the Argument
  • Receive a Standing Ovation

Voice and Leadership in Politics

Canvassing; making speeches on the campaign trail; speaking in parliamentary debates and regular encounters with the media are fundamental to the life of every politician.  Effectively your voice is on show every moment of your existence.

Likewise for anybody working as a public official in the international field of politics or in developmental work, communicating with governments, colleagues, stakeholders and media is as important as their functional expertise.

In a world of sound bites and constant connectedness, virtually everybody gains from honing their delivery and communication skills.  You may be a skilled strategist and policy advisor but it’s just as important to develop a strong memorable voice to break through to your audience.  We help you to do this.  After all speaking is our business.

Our core syllabus provides you with a fund of material that enables you to use your voice to maximum impact. We have also prepared more specialized material for those active in politics and foreign affairs.  This includes interactive exercises, review and analysis of real-life speeches and closer examination of rhetorical techniques.  Finally, on request we can also provide very intensive media training