“One of my clients sung Stella’s praises so highly that I enrolled for her public speaking classes. In her lively sessions I learned how to use my voice differently; I am also discovering how to use it more fully. Furthermore, from my perspective as a pyschotherapist and coach, this experience deepened my understanding of the mind-body link and it has given me another way of listening to people. Attending to our voices now seems as important as exercising our muscles.
A highly commendable thing to do.”
Renée van der Vloodt, psychotherapist and coaching consultant,  Shell 

“Voice Factory London does regular sessions with our graduate and undergraduate students who find Stella’s workshops highly beneficial and rewarding. Through her seminars she not only trains the voice and English pronunciation of the participants, but also helps them to realize their personal potential and offers tools and techniques that help when using English as a second language. Becoming professional speakers greatly enhances our students’ employability skills and makes them more self-confident in using English as a working language across cultures. We look forward to working with Stella in the future – her seminars have become an integral part of our program.
Thank you!”
Claudia Moessenlechner, MCI Innsbruck, Austria

Conchita Wurst

“I think, as a singer you should focus on your voice and you should know what you are doing. I have to admit that this was not always my priority. After working with excellent vocal coaches of any musical field, I decided to widen my range and learn from the mother of music, the classic.

Well I don’t see my self as a classical singer yet, but with the help of Stella I’m definitely a huge step closer to the best version of my voice. Not only is Stella highly professional and unbelievably patient, she also found a way to show me how ‘to see’ my voice, which I think is essential. Beside the fact that Stella is, I think, one of the best teachers you can get, she is also such a nice person to be around.

Thank you so much Stella!”
Conchita Wurst

“Within a day course of 6 hours we learned how to lay more strength, projection, sound and impact into our speaking voices. This experience was unique for us scholars as we are used to expressing ourselves with the written word. I was amazed at such a difference in all our voices within a day! The effects are long lasting and since then I can honestly say that I am able to animate a class of students much more than before without tiring the voice!”
Karen Witsenburg, Max Planck Institute. Germany

Thank you so much for your workshop, -the students really enjoyed themselves! I feel I should say however, that I always ask the students for their feedback following an external workshop / visitor, and whilst they are usually pretty complimentary, I must say, that on this occasion they said it was one of the best structured, enjoyable, useful and most engaging workshops that they have ever had, -they were so pleased to have you in and it seems that they got so much from you and the techniques you taught them! Every single one of them seemed to have got so much out of the day… so once again, thank you so much for your time.
Kieren Jones. Central St Martins College of Art London

“Stella has helped me overcome serious speech problems and I am now a confident speaker at conferences whether live , tele or video. I can highly recommend Stella to anyone seeking to improve their public speaking and audience impact.
Dr Stewart Kempsell, Future Fuels, Shell. London

“I attended your day courses for public speaking and singing. I love the method and I noticed the biggest difference when I succeeded in raising the soft palate which I find hard to do consistently.I would like to have a one-to-one session with you to consolidate the principles. What is your availability this summer?
Many thanks,”
Cherrelle. International School Paris

“I am writing to thank you for last weeks training. I found it excellent and really helpful to me. It was expecially beneficial to have done a follow up training session to the first course as I found that everything ‘came back’ and in a much more powerful and stronger way. I also got a sense of how the technique can change my habit of speaking.

It was enjoyable course, nice atmosphere, nice people and I learned to appreciate the patience that is required to create a mosaic masterpiece.

I promise to recommend you to everybody I know who is interesting is learning to use their voice more effectively. May you continue to go from strength to strength.”
Kieran Crotty  Politician Ireland

Thank you for providing the voice projection workshop for our team on Wednesday, we found it very helpful and will be practising putting your techniques to good use as we head back out into schools.”
Petra Polson- London fire Brigade

“In September I attended your Public Speaking course. My name is Matthew Sheridan and I was the trainee teacher. Now that the term has finished, I thought I’d report on how using my voice has progressed. I still have to think consciously about using the techniques you taught us when I begin, but once I get into a flow I don’t need to keep reminding myself. Quite frequently at the end of a lesson I’ll think, “yes, I was speaking well then”. This has been great for improving my overall confidence and I’ll now do things that at the beginning of the year I would never have tried.

Just this Friday I tested myself and recited the poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (having memorised it the night before) and was able to alter my tone, speed and volume without worrying about whether I was breathing correctly or not. The children enjoyed it very much, and I’d like to think my delivery was part of that enjoyment. I do not think I’ll ever have that type of short, sharp shout one might associate with teachers, but due to this training I have not found myself requiring it. Those four sessions alone have improved my teaching ability hugely.”
Matthew Sheridan

“Your workshop has been a real benefit to me. It has helped me to get my voice out and project it better. I have improved more as a result of the four voice workshop sessions that I have had with you, than in over six months of singing lessons previously. I put it all down to the breathing technique that you have taught me.”
Karen Sylvester. Travel Matters

“Stella delivered a number of sessions with our 5 performers during the rehearsals of our touring schools production. As Future’s Theatre Companies director I found her focus on breath and voice projection particularly useful as the venues we work in are often acoustically very poor and demanding of our actors. Stella also worked individually with one of our company who had never had voice training. The actor found Stella’s sessions challenging but took on board the exercises and ideas and I could see him develop and grow both in confidence and vocally throughout the tour. We found Stella’s sessions to be energised, focussed and practical with my performers more aware of their voices and the emotional connections. I look forward to working with Stella in the future.”
Caroline Bryant of Futures Theatre Company

“In 1993 I underwent serious surgery on my face and jaw which has left me with chronic muscular tension and after a day of speaking my voice is left raspy and weak. So I thought it’s time to do something about it. So I searched the web and found Stella Arman. Her extensive knowledge of the voice, how it works, and breathing is just wonderful. Her lessons are always enjoyable with lots of fun – in a word FAB!! Also being a Massage Therapist I can physically feel the changes taking place as I follow the series of exercises, oh and my singing voice ain”t that bad either. Keep up the great work!”
Sue Carberry – Integrated Bodywork

“A very frustrated Alto singer who had difficulty breathing and reaching higher notes in the range , was delighted by the end of the workshop to be joyfully soaring on a “d”!”
Helen Vernon

“A fun and rewarding singing adventure! Stella is a patient and inspiring teacher who has vastly increased my singing ability and confidence. Highly recommended.”
Andreas, Financial Trainer, Financial Times

“As a trained actor, I believed my technique was good enough to cope with the stresses of long days using my voice on stage and screen; but without occasional “tune-ups” shortcomings in the application of my technique started to take a toll on my voice. This became aparrent after I started working on a daily live show in a studio with a very dry, artificially cooled atmosphere which seemingly resulted in severe pain in my throat. I turned to Voice Factory, and Stella Arman for help and, after going right back to basics with Stella’s technical assistance, I can feel my confidence returning with every session. After just three hours worth of sessions, I have not felt any strain returning to my throat when performing and Stella’s clear, concise instructions have made me concentrate on how to produce the most distinct, relaxed and strongest sound with every word, and; most importantly, from the correct places in my body! I would thoroughly recommend Voice Factory if, like me, you feel that you could benefit from extra, or new voice-related training.”
Simon Nader Theatre Director

“I have not received voice training before and have found sessions with Stella particularly enjoyable. I have found Stella’s explanations of breathing techniques and voice projection easy to put into practice, and I have been able to see an immediate improvement in my vocal techniques. Stella’s sessions are very energising because she understands the intricate relationship between the voice and the emotional centres.”
Nancy Chien, Solicitor, London

“As an experienced public speaker, I am constantly looking for areas for further improvement. Working to a specific brief, Stella in her session taught me some invaluable techniques of which I was totally unaware, particularly regarding breathing and relaxation. I am sure these will prove to be of great benefit, and I would highly recommend Stella’s teaching to any new or experienced public speaker”
Andrew Brammer DTM – Public Speaker & Storyteller

“I have taken my public speaking skills to a new level, with the powerful techniques taught by Stella. The personal attention received in the small group was invaluable for building and fine tuning the resonance, projection and power of my voice. Learning is fun in this positive, supportive environment and I thoroughly recommend Voice Factory to anyone who wants to capture the attention of, inspire and energise their audience.”
Wayne Miller, Barclays Capital.

“Our son’s audition was a resounding success. Lots of praise for putting so much character and expression into the piece. Thank you! Your coaching sessions in articulation and breathing have given him the confidence to finally soar. An incredibly fun journey, he shall be back for more…”
Grateful Parent

“Thank you for your assistance over the past few weeks. I personally think that I have benefited greatly from the instruction that you have given – I can certainly see a great improvement in my communication. I really hope to go away and practice some of these techniques and I will most definitely be interested in attending the more advanced speaking courses. ”

“Thank you very much for the excellent course last Friday. Unexpectedly for me, the choir auditions happened after practice on Monday and I got through! I’m certain I wouldn’t have got through without your course. I’m sure I’ll need further help from you though, as the others are all experienced singers and music readers.”
John, Solicitor, London

“I just want to thank you for the public speaking course you gave yesterday. It was very illuminating and interesting to learn about the techniques you described. I enjoyed meeting you on a personal level and think you truly are an inspiration. I will certainly take on board what you have taught me and try to practice much less head movement and improving my breathing technique.”
Steve Perriman

“The course was very engaging and was taught with a high level of energy. Coming from the Inner City of London and a daily speaker of Estuary I was looking to make my accent more neutral and hence acceptable within business. I got exactly what I needed and also a whole lot more. The voice projection techniques really reduce accent, whilst leaving you ‘intact’, but help to make you sound more engaging. I look forward to further classes.”
Danny Draper

“Thank you for an enjoyable and very useful course today. I will definitely practise your techniques and I think they will be invaluable for my future career and more importantly in everyday life.”
Natasha, Trainee Barister.

I had a brilliant day on Stella’s Voice Factory workshop. While there was a lot packed in and it was an intense day, it was definitely great fun, which made the hours fly by! I loved Stella’s passionate approach – she really made me feel quickly at ease. Because Stella’s groups are quite small, she is able to give her full attention to each person individually. Each participant was given detailed feedback, which also benefited the group as a whole, whilst allowing everyone a good amount of time in each exercise to practise and improve their skills. I thought that Stella was great at highlighting and suggesting improvements for areas of development in a direct and straightforward manner, whilst remaining genuinely encouraging of each member. A fantastic experience!
Anna Nathanson, Journalist 

I’ve been finding the warm-up exercises to be really good, and as a side benefit, it’s the first time in months that my neck hasn’t been overly sore at the end of the day.
Carole Johnson, Pharmaceutical engineer

Thank you so much for your workshop, -the students really enjoyed themselves!

I feel I should say however, that I always ask the students for their feedback following an external workshop / visitor, and whilst they are usually pretty complimentary, I must say, that on this occasion they said it was one of the best structured, enjoyable, useful and most engaging workshops that they have ever had, -they were so pleased to have you in and it seems that they got so much from you and the techniques you taught them!

Every single one of them seemed to have got so much out of the day… so once again, thank you so much for your time.
Kieren Jones, Central St Martins College of Art London